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Hi, I’m James Ratchford. I am an attorney with a practice focused solely on helping people in need get Social Security Disability benefits.  

I have been representing claimants in Social Security matters since 2008, when I began with a major national disability firm.  Since then, I've represented hundreds of claimants in hearings before Administrative Law Judges for the Social Security Administration, and worked on the written appeals of thousands more.

Together with my associate Justine Miller and paralegals Richard Muck and Mike Smart, we represent claimants at all stages of the Social Security Disability appeal process, from the initial application through, if necessary, appeals to Federal Appeals Court.

When I'm not fighting to win benefits for my clients, you can find me enjoying adventures in nature, such as whitewater kayaking, rock climbing, or hiking with my dog Jackson.  In fact the whole firm loves outdoor activities and instead of golf we have our off-site meetings in the outdoors. We believe that everyone should live their best life, whatever that means to them, and we are committed to helping our clients live their best lives with the help of Social Security benefits.

We look forward to helping you enjoy the best life has to offer you.

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