I have been representing claimants in Social Security matters since 2008, when I began with a major national disability firm.  Since then, I've represented hundreds of claimants in hearings before Administrative Law Judges for the Social Security Administration, and worked on the written appeals of thousands more.

In law school at the University at Buffalo, I focused my studies on learning ways to avoid litigation and resolve conflicts through mediation and effective communication.  I apply mediation principles to all of my practice areas, whether that means expediting your disability claim by reducing conflict with judges and administrative staff, or preventing future litigation by structuring a collaborative agreement in your business contract.  

I started my own practice for one simple reason: to give each individual client the level of personal attention that they and their situation deserve.  With huge case loads and tightly packed calendars, attorneys at large firms often don't have the time to get to know their clients, and the result is often a cookie cutter approach that can lead to mistakes.  I believe that the client-lawyer relationship is sacred, and that clients inherently deserve the opportunity to speak with their attorney throughout their case.  You deserve to be kept up to date about the developments and deadlines in your case, to know where you stand, and to have easy access to your attorney whenever you have questions.