Live Your Life To The Fullest

Aging and disability does not mean you need to resign yourself to a life of mundane repetition and poverty. SSDI and SSI claims can be your path to a full and thriving life.

Fighting For The Disability Benefits You Desperately Need

Your health has made it impossible to work. Your doctor has documented this and yet your application for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits may still be denied. When you are vying for financial benefits you desperately need, it is imperative to have an experienced SSD attorney at your side. Someone who knows the legal ropes and can advocate tenaciously for your rights  – no matter how long it takes.

At James Ratchford Law, PLLC, we can help guide you through the sometimes arduous SSDI claims process. From completing an application to filing appeals, we will strongly advocate for you with your best results in mind.

How The Claims Process Works

Being disabled is a frustrating state. Your livelihood has ended and you are probably worried about your medical bills and how you will pay expenses. Let us help get you the benefits you deserve. The claims process can be lengthy and complex. This is where our skill comes in. With years of experience securing benefits for past clients, we can help you understand the legalese and advise you through each step of the claims process, seeking your most favorable outcome

The application process includes these steps:

  1. File an SSDI claims application.
  2. Receive a determination in the mail.
  3. If denied, request a hearing before an administrative judge.
  4. If denied by the administrative judge, file an appeal. An SSDI lawyer at our firm can file a detailed brief to the Social Security Appeals Council.

At this point you may be denied, sent back for a new hearing, or granted the appeal. But denials are not uncommon and typically everyone is denied on first application. This is why it is vital to have a seasoned SSDI lawyer represent you. From initial application to Federal Appeals Court, we can help you legally and give you peace of mind knowing a knowledgeable counselor is on your side. Don’t wait, contact us today.

We Know The System And Judges

If you are denied and need to attend a hearing or pursue a higher appeal, we can help ensure the paperwork is correct, expertly written and in order. In future hearings, we can personally argue your case before the judge and as aggressive, empathetic defenders of rights, will fight to help you obtain the benefits you deserve. Though the process can be lengthy, we will advocate tirelessly for a favorable decision, so you can move forward and live your life.

Need To File For SSDI? Start Today; Contact Our Disability Firm Now

SSDI benefits are not always awarded. As experienced SSDI lawyers, we understand what is needed for your claim and any appeals. Let us assist you through the process. Call our Morgantown office at 304-974-0523 or visit our email page and make an inquiry. We respond to every communication.

Are You An Attorney Wanting To Learn SSDI Law?

Attorney Ratchford provides freelance education and consulting to lawyers wanting to learn about Social Security Disability Claims and can help you build a practice that works for your needs. Learn more about SSDI claims and their phases in the system. Contact us for more information on training.