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Why go with James for your SSI claim?

There are more lawyers and more law firms than ever before.

You are constantly bombarded with ads on TV, radio, and billboards. So by now you know pretty well what they all say. What aren’t they saying?

At many large firms, your case may not be much more than a number or a statistic in a computer. You might not even get to speak to an actual attorney before your day in court, and he may or may not have seen your file before then. It’s very easy to make a claim in an ad, and it’s just as easy to hire a squadron of attorneys and paralegals to treat each case like a disposable product in a factory.

Many large firms can claim a lot about their numbers. Many of those numbers are true. Maybe they really have represented more claimants than anyone else. Maybe they are the biggest, with the most lawyers and the most efficient process. But is that the approach that is right for your case?

One thing that I’ll admit right up front: I haven’t handled as many cases as any firm with a one-digit phone number or a national ad campaign. Instead, I remember the faces and stories of each of the hundreds of clients that I’ve helped resolve their legal needs.

I don’t have a close working relationship with the internal lawyers at the big insurance companies. What I have is the time and dedication to form meaningful connections with my clients, and the skill and finesse to defuse tough negotiations and advocate on your behalf no matter who we must face.

I don’t have a six or seven figure advertising budget. What I do have is a personal stake in making sure that each and every client leaves happy enough to enthusiastically recommend my services to their friends and relatives.

I don’t have thousands of clients fighting for my time or hundreds of customer service workers to read you my computer system. What I have is a personal relationship with each client, and what you have is direct access to your attorney.

I know that each case is different in subtle ways. You aren’t just a number or a pattern. Your case and your life matter to me.

My promise to you:

I will treat you with respect and dignity throughout the process.

I will keep you informed about what’s going on with your case.

I will do my best to expedite your claim.

I will be up front and honest with you about your claim, setting clear and realistic expectations.

I will work on your case personally.

If you have questions about whether a solo practitioner is the right representative for your case, feel free to ask and I promise that I will give you the straight answer that you deserve.