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Aging and disability does not mean you need to resign yourself to a life of mundane repetition and poverty. SSDI and SSI claims can be your path to a full and thriving life.

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I am attorney James Ratchford. Since 2008, I have dedicated my time to helping people across the country embrace their lives after accidents, injuries and illness leave them in need. By pursuing your full benefits, my team and I believe we can empower you to find fulfillment and support. We focus exclusively on obtaining Social Security Disability Insurance benefits for clients like you. As a result, we know the SSDI system and claims process inside and out and can help you get the benefits you need as quickly as possible.

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What To Expect From An SSDI Claim

Social Security Disability Insurance exists as a support system for the injured, ill and disabled. This is not a handout; it is a system you pay into every paycheck and that you deserve access to when you cannot work. But an application can be incredibly difficult to pursue successfully. Common issues include:

  • Establishing an eligible disability
  • Managing complex cases or claims in conjunction with other benefit applications
  • Appealing premature and unjustified denials

As a part of our mission, we undertake the legal burdens you face and give you the time and flexibility to focus on your own needs and personal care. Let us focus on the bureaucracy. You focus on your life.

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